2020-10-21: Waiting impatiently for the first public release of photos from OSIRIS-REx touch-and-go asteroid …

2020-10-21: New avatar!


2020-10-16: Turkey pepperoni on top this week. 🍕

2020-10-15: Should I start cross-posting to Twitter? Assuming that it starts working again…

2020-10-15: Twitter is down and I’m anxious I’m going to miss something! Send help.


2020-10-14: My ballot has been “accepted” which means that it’s in the system and will be …

2020-10-14: Rainbow adirondack chairs in Belmont, MA, 5:30 PM EDT (UTC-4) for A Day in the Life. Sharing …


2020-10-12: There is a drop box outside town hall, ballot has been delivered!

2020-10-12: Alas I can’t deliver my ballot today (Monday) as town hall is closed for “Columbus …

2020-10-10: Ballot arrived! I have voted, but now I need to wait until Monday to drop it off.

2020-10-10: According to the state’s election site my ballot is on its way. As soon as I fill it out I’m going …

2020-10-09: If it’s Friday it must be PIZZA! 🍕

2020-10-05: Anxiously waiting for my ballot to arrive in the mail. The sad part is that it hasn’t even been …


2020-10-03: Season 1 Finales 📺 I didn’t expect the first season of Raised by Wolves to end well for the characters, but I was not …

2020-10-02: Chicken meatballs, roasted green peppers and red onions 🍕

2020-09-27: Yes it’s definitely fall

2020-09-26: I’ve been watching Raised by Wolves (HBO Max) and Ted Lasso (Apple TV+); both are dropping their …

2020-09-25: More fall colors

2020-09-25: Pizzas again 🍕

2020-09-24: Fall is here

2020-09-19: Agents of Dreamland by Caitlin R. Kiernan 📚 I feel as though I had already read this slim novella, and I can’t be certain that I haven’t, even …

2020-09-18: Life goes on, most pretty pizza so far. 🍕

2020-09-18: RBG oh no



2020-09-11: Lamb sausage, kale, feta, and fresh orange tomatoes. 🍕

2020-09-09: Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir 📚 It’s hard to discuss this book without spoilers, but I will do my best. The story revolves around …

2020-09-07: So I bought a small Synology NAS and put in several SATA hard drives which were gathering dust. I’m …

2020-09-03: Last pizza before Labor Day, mushrooms and turkey bacon 🍕

2020-08-31: Lovely sunset again #mbaug 31

2020-08-30: Discovery #mbaug 30

2020-08-29: Flakes every morning #mbaug 29

2020-08-28: Emotions at the end of the day #mbaug 28

2020-08-27: Overcome racism #mbaug 27

2020-08-26: Relentless pursuit of pizza #mbaug 26 🍕

2020-08-25: Hope #mbaug 25

2020-08-24: Or What You Will by Jo Walton 📚 “You already know the plot of Twelfth Night, right?” asks the narrator of this strange, dream-like, …

2020-08-24: Frosty Hefeweizen #mbaug 24

2020-08-23: Graceful fog on little cat feet #mbaug 23

2020-08-22: Home away from home #mbaug 22

2020-08-21: Crunch #mbaug 21

2020-08-20: Thursday pizza, artichoke hearts and prosciutto 🍕

2020-08-20: Change is coming #mbaug 20

2020-08-20: Another nice sunset

2020-08-19: Ribbons #mbaug 19

2020-08-18: Grid #mbaug 18

2020-08-17: The mail-in ballot for the primary finally arrived today, and I filled it out immediately and took …

2020-08-17: Cuddly #mbaug 17

2020-08-16: Stationary boats #mbaug 16

2020-08-15: Silhouette #mbaug 15

2020-08-14: Green bell peppers and turkey sausage 🍕

2020-08-14: Among the geese #mbaug 14

2020-08-13: Filter to black-and-white #mbaug 13

2020-08-12: Sound of wind in the trees #mbaug 12

2020-08-11: I have no problem supporting a Harris-Biden ticket.

2020-08-11: Transportation #mbaug 11

2020-08-10: Windows #mbaug 10

2020-08-09: Black-and-white coffee-and-ice #mbaug 9

2020-08-09: 88 Names by Matt Ruff 📚 I read the author’s Lovecraft Country some time ago (and the HBO series based on that novel starts …

2020-08-08: View #mbaug 8

2020-08-08: Network Effect by Martha Wells 📚 If you are a follower of the Murderbot Diaries then you have already read the latest addition to the …

2020-08-07: Pizza is on Friday this week; I blame global warming. 🍕

2020-08-07: Daytripping to a different (better?) world #mbaug 7

2020-08-06: Bisect #mbaug 6

2020-08-05: Flowing water #mbaug 5

2020-08-04: Peaceful #mbaug 4

2020-08-03: This article by Ed Yong in The Atlantic is a hard look at the many unforced errors in the US …

2020-08-03: Bugs #mbaug 3

2020-08-02: Floating #mbaug 2

2020-08-01: Up? #mbaug 1

2020-07-31: What is it?

2020-07-30: If Trump is not ready to face the electorate, he should resign now.

2020-07-30: Mushrooms Pizza on Thursday, one with mushrooms and one without. 🍕

2020-07-29: Brook

2020-07-28: River

2020-07-27: Train station

2020-07-26: Sunset

2020-07-25: Today I went for a short hike.

2020-07-22: 3 pizzas 3 🍕

2020-07-18: I was struck by this short essay by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. in The Atlantic, and in particular the …

2020-07-15: I’ve been seeing this a lot lately, and I don’t know what it means: what makes a mess “hot?”

2020-07-11: 🥨🥨🥨

2020-07-09: I really enjoyed watching Prehistoric Road Trip on PBS, it offered a winning combination of fossils, …

2020-07-06: Roasted bell peppers and pancetta. 🍕

2020-07-05: Cross posted on Facebook This is my last post on Facebook. I have moved my social networking blog to another service and will …

2020-07-05: I found this article by Isabel Wilkerson in the Times Magazine to be interesting and thought …

2020-07-04: Also it is vitally important that all citizens vote this fall, up and down the ticket.

2020-07-04: Happy birthday USA, wear a mask, Black lives matter, let freedom ring, with liberty and justice for …

2020-06-29: Chicken and spinach sausage, one a bit crispy. 🍕

2020-06-27: Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

2020-06-26: Robert Hills Conservation Area

2020-06-26: I got to drive a car with radar cruise control and it was great! Having the system take care of …

2020-06-22: Margherita on the porch (third pizza still in the oven). 🍕

2020-06-21: I’m a little worried that celebrating Father’s Day might be seen as an expression of …

2020-06-20: Happy Solstice!

2020-06-16: Sausage and broccoli rabe. 🍕

2020-06-13: Cleaning out the basement, V.32 bis and V.34X Plus.

2020-06-08: Crudo 🍕

2020-06-01: The Special. 🍕

2020-05-25: Barbecue chicken pizza this week, using leftover Blue Ribbon sweet sauce. 🍕

2020-05-24: What is it?

2020-05-19: Turkey pepperoni and kalamata olives. 🍕

2020-05-10: Artichoke and sausage a day early. 🍕

2020-05-05: The Clone Wars are over, I’m glad to be rid of Maul but I’m going to miss Ahsoka.

2020-05-04: I blame the Barolo.

2020-05-04: Made broccoli and potato pizza and forgot to take a picture.

2020-05-03: OK spring is here.

2020-05-02: What is it?

2020-05-01: Wanderers by Chuck Wendig 📚 Spoiler alert, this is perhaps not a book one should read during the present emergency, as major …

2020-05-01: Happy Mayday

2020-04-29: We’ve been watching the free NT Live archive performances on YouTube each week, but the next two are …

2020-04-27: Calzone this week. 🍕

2020-04-26: I’ve been thinking I was wasting my money on the Apple Arcade subscription, but last week I …

2020-04-25: Broke down today and started the 14-day trial subscription to the Criterion Channel. By the time …

2020-04-17: Remarkable abstract decorations around the edges.

2020-04-16: Mood

2020-04-15: Everything is falling apart.

2020-04-14: The willows are leafing out.

2020-04-13: Pizza night again. 🍕

2020-04-12: Socially distant daffodils.

2020-04-11: Last of the cherry blossoms.

2020-04-04: Today I canceled Mayday.

2020-03-30: Monday is now pizza day. 🍕

2020-03-29: Elizabeth Warren may no longer be running for president, but she is continuing to put her energy …

2020-03-23: It may be snowing outside but at least we have pizza. 🍕

2020-03-22: Spring in New England may be cold and wet but at least the daffodils are up.

2020-03-20: Social distancing Friday: went to the supermarket for potato chips (ruffles) and batteries (AA and …

2020-03-18: Social distancing project today: getting the inspection sticker for the car.

2020-03-17: Social distancing project today was (finally!) replacing the broken toilet seat.

2020-03-16: 🍕

2020-03-16: Social distancing for today: I’m no @danielpunkass but I’m working on my technique.

2020-03-15: First social distancing project: connected all ethernet capable devices in the TV cabinet via wire …

2020-03-05: Elizabeth Warren did her best to save the country, but sadly the country has decided that it does …

2020-02-25: I took advantage of early primary voting today to get the jump on Super Tuesday.

2020-02-22: Castillo de San Marcos

2020-02-04: Many years ago, in a presidential primary, I actually did vote for Joe Biden. But this year, on …

2020-02-02: The Vanished Birds by Simon Jimenez 📚 This first novel is a story of far future travel, found families, love, and loss. Although set on an …

2020-01-29: Hot chocolate at Burdick’s

2020-01-26: Anyone can wear the mask.…

2020-01-25: The Last Skywalker 🎥 There has been much discussion about the merits and failings of The Rise of Skywalker, and in …

2020-01-23: I have too many passwords for too many accounts. Even with a password manager I’m not keeping track …

2020-01-21: Trying out the NetNewsWire 5 beta for the first time.

2020-01-20: “When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than …

2020-01-20: Today I have been reading some MLK:… …

2020-01-18: Cambridge 1 is closed for good.

2020-01-18: I have yet to see any mention in the press of how wrong it is to hold any sort of pro-gun rally on …

2020-01-16: Back home again, just in time for some seasonable temperatures and maybe even snow.

2020-01-15: Last day in California before returning to New England. No swimming again because they are …

2020-01-13: So after many months of not dealing with WordPress I have finally given up and decided to let …

2020-01-12: Dictionary Hill

2020-01-11: Mother Miguel Mountain