: Turkey pepperoni, sautéed shiitake mushrooms and green bell peppers 🍕

: Fontina and mozzarella, will get arugula and prosciutto later 🍕 Spinach and sautéed garlic 🍕

: Artichoke hearts, spinach, and garlic 🍕



: Happy π Day to those who celebrate.


: Peculiar dwarfs…

: Sweet Italian sausage 🍕

: Not enough owls in my timeline.


: Turkey pepperoni 🍕

: Well I’ve already had the horrifying experience of having somebody show up in a Zoom meeting as a …

: Today I learned that Apple Watch Series 2 and later have their serial number printed inside one of …

: Very sad about the helicopter.

: Happy birthday Mac 🎂

: Moved Bluesky to the Home Screen and demoted Slack to a folder on my phone. Still waiting for an …

: What does it take to get a webmention around here?

: Did not order a headset, I think I’m going to wait and get the rumored OLED iPad Pro instead, which …


: So I went and brought a new Apple Watch Series 9, replacing my five year old Series 4, two days …

: Trying to figure out which people to follow on Mastodon and which to follow on Bluesky, as the two …


: Installed the updated Primrose theme and now category pages are working again. Back to normal!

: Noticed that the category pages were not working with Hugo 0.91 when using the Primrose theme, so I …

: Various mushrooms 🍕

: Closed my LinkedIn account.

: Deleting the Prime Video app from all of my devices.

: Things finally seem to be working, I just need to be more careful about messing with the templates.

: OK now just one post has vanished from the web view, both on the main page and the archive. …

: Reinstalled the Primrose theme and the items are back. Success?

: Tried updating to Hugo 0.91 and all the feed items vanished.



: Testing auto-scroll.

: Finally took two minutes to search for a solution to my SwiftUI app crash on macOS when using …

: Having a digital avatar handle all my meetings from now on actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

: ✈️

: Finally!…

: Democracy Awakening by Heather Cox Richardson 📚 This book is in part a compilation of the history, ideas, and themes which the author presents in …

: ✈️

: Plain cheese with spicy sauce, same with artichokes, with no sauce, with extra cheese 🍕🍕🍕🍕


: Good news, everybody!

: Sweet Italian sausage 🍕

: Edge

: Fabric

: Intense

: Oof!

: Red

: Statue

: Glowing

: Panic

: Retrospect

: Cycle

: Language

: Yonder

: Panorama

: Well

: Forest

: Orange

: Precious

: Buildup

: Abstract

: This thing where the iOS Trailers app is now part of the TV app is awful. No way to navigate to it, …

: I will continue to offer technical support on social media.

: Last time (years ago) I needed to scan 35mm slides I used a combo flatbed/printer, which is tedious. …

: Hiding out at a coffee shop ☕️

: Still trying to figure out how Bluesky works. There are multiple feed options but I still haven’t …


: Bought a chair 💺

: At “hang out at the Public Market and eat a large lunch” stage of the move.

: Turtles all the way

: Not sure about the September photoblogging challenge…

: At the “hang pictures on the wall” stage of the move 🖼️

: Seems it never rains in Southern California.

: Cleaned out the storage closet 🧹

: I never thought to try this until today, but it turns out you can share a Mac’s wifi connection out …

: A little warm today ☀️

: Panama 66, Balboa Park

: I wasn’t using Threads before it was cool.

: Too much to do and it’s Monday.

: Stone Brewery, Liberty Station

: Still don’t understand coroutines.

: Already at the “just go out and buy it” stage of the move.

: Moving day 1, TV and phone 📺📞


: Too much to do.

: An Immense World by Ed Yong 📚 This is a wonderful book which has taken me far too long to read due to the vagaries of library …

: Here I go again ✈️

: Fennel sausage and roasted fennel 🍕

: There are few problems that can’t be solved by a new Apple Watch band ⌚️

: Today I said “I’m going for a walk as soon as I get out of this meeting” but here I am still at my …

: Fifty years ago…

: Today I learned that HTTP header field names are case insensitive, probably not for the last time.

: Now that X has rebranded can we start using “tweet” as the generic term for a microblog post on any …




: Waiting for the repair shop to call 🚗


: Thunder and lightning 🌩️


: There are few problems which can’t be solved by a 25 foot HDMI cable.

: Time to clean the house 🧹

: Using an LCD video projector for the first time. The video is great, but the only audio output is a …

: Home again🏠

: Humblebrag

: Titanium Noir by Nick Harkaway 📚 This is another fast read, an old-fashioned detective story in the vein of Sam Spade, but set in a …

: I need a beer 🍺

: Renewed 1Password for one more year, as long as I can still use version 7 I think I’m stuck.

: On Juneteenth by Annette Gordon-Reed 📚 This is an even shorter book which I added to my library queue last month, written by a Texas-born …



: The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi 📚 This is a very quick read, especially when you are stuck on a cross-country plane trip. I also …


: Fraction of people wearing masks in a crowded airport and full flight is well below one percent.

: I would like to stream all of Ahsoka right now, please.

: Harrow the Ninth and Nona the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir 📚 I read the first book in this series (Gideon the Ninth) some time ago, and actually read the second …

: ⚫️


: Spicy Italian chicken sausage 🍕

: Witch King by Martha Wells 📚 Everybody loves Murderbot, but Martha Wells writes other stories, including this recent novel set in …

: ☀️

: One thing after another.

: Shopping for a simple text editor which will run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

: Today has all the worst features of Monday and Humpday combined 🐫

: Signed up for, not sure why. Still not on Bluesky and not feeling it for Threads.

: Home again 🏠

: I have successfully forgotten what day it is.

: This is truly the longest of long weekends.

: Pretty much off the grid for the weekend.

: Time to pack for the long weekend 🧳

: Swift and C++ interoperability looks really good.

: Well I finally go to see Asteroid City, which is even more meta than I thought possible.



: It has been a week.


: Time to shop for a new Mastodon instance? I use it to follow, not post (all the posting is here on …

: Not ready for the solstice 🌎☀️

: More about Juneteenth:…

: Juneteenth should be celebrated in this country not just by remembering history but also repairing …

: Well we made it to the movie theater with plenty of time to spare: one week, to be exact. Turns out …

: Off to see Asteroid City 🍿

: Well I finally have to decide if I want to keep my 1Password subscription going for another year or …

: On a jury, trial starting today.

: Sitting in the jury pool waiting to see if I get impaneled.

: Completely forgot that I have to report for possible Jury Duty tomorrow.

: Sautéed fennel and plant based sausage 🍕

: Ninth and tenth concerts, chamber music and a chamber opera.

: Seventh and eighth concerts, more vocal music.

: No concert tonight, at the movies for Spiderverse.

: Sixth concert, vocal sound track for a silent film.

: Third, fourth and fifth concerts, chamber and vocal music.

: Second concert, harp and violin sonatas.

: BEMF first concert, Circé.

: Rainy day, perfect for staying home and backing up all the computers 🌧️💻🖥️

: Sautéed mushrooms 🍕

: Feeling under the weather, still not ready for WWDC or pretty much anything.

: Finally downloading the new, sucky Max app. Probably going to cancel my subscription anyway unless …

: Not ready for WWDC.


: Still up the mountain.

: Still in the mountains, but now with WiFi!

: Up in the mountains.

: Time to pack 🧳

: Memorial Day is coming up, and that means peak season for Apple rumors!

: Trying out new software this week…MarsEdit, Mimestream, and Ivory for Mac (finally!).

: All happy dogs are alike; each neurotic dog is neurotic in its own way.

: Sweet Italian sausage 🍕

: Time to clean the house (again) 🧹🏡

: Italian wines are fun 🍷

: Not a fan of the ReactNative redesign of the iOS app.

: People who want to know how long a big software project will take are doomed to disappointment.

: Going bar hopping tonight 🍺

: Fresh out of snapshots to post. Also out of wine 🍷





: Going away for the weekend.

: Comic book day.

: Darn those trees.

: Installing the tool chain on a new laptop. Why was it not installed by IT?


: Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

: Probably not going to a movie tonight 🍿

: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for 🤖