Cross posted on Facebook

This is my last post on Facebook.

I have moved my social networking blog to another service and will be deleting this Facebook account.

I know that it has been quite a while since I posted here; this is largely due to the irresponsible and dangerous policies which the company has been following in pursuit of size and profit to the determent of social and political discourse. The use of “engagement” metrics to fill timelines with junk content, the willingness to accept ad money for blatant lies, and the insincere pretense of impartiality have led me to the conclusion that the corporation is rotten to the core, and that the only meaningful action I can take is to delete my account.

Earlier this year I started posting on, and the easiest way to follow my posts is to create a free account on that service and use one of the free client apps (available on various platforms) to follow @cfristrom. is a small independent company which relies on subscription revenue rather than advertising, and I have found both the posting and reading experience quite enjoyable. You can get more info at:

If adding one more app to your phone just to follow one person seems like too much trouble, you can bookmark my blog on the web at:

Alternatively, if you are using a feed reader (and yes, those still are a thing) you can subscribe to my feed at:

We have nothing to lose but our chains.