Well I’ve already had the horrifying experience of having somebody show up in a Zoom meeting as a Persona.

Today I learned that Apple Watch Series 2 and later have their serial number printed inside one of their watch band slots.

Moved Bluesky to the Home Screen and demoted Slack to a folder on my phone. Still waiting for an iPad version of Bluesky.

Did not order a headset, I think I’m going to wait and get the rumored OLED iPad Pro instead, which will probably end up costing about the same amount once I add a keyboard.

So I went and brought a new Apple Watch Series 9, replacing my five year old Series 4, two days before they started selling models with the blood oxygen test disabled. My current BO is 97%.

Trying to figure out which people to follow on Mastodon and which to follow on Bluesky, as the two don’t federate.

Noticed that the category pages were not working with Hugo 0.91 when using the Primrose theme, so I have changed to Marfa for the moment.