The randomly selected Mastodon instance was randomly offline early this morning. Down for maintenance?

Social networks need to prioritize user safety over enabling harassment. Calling harassment “free speech” isn’t fooling anybody.

I am still watching the local COVID case trend, it seems to have leveled off instead of continuing to decline.

Just made a commitment to support my randomly selected Mastodon instance with an annual Patreon contribution.

For the moment I plan to retain (but not use) my bird app account. I’m slowly building up my Mastodon follows and adding more RSS feeds to my newsreader, using Feedly to search for interesting sources.

Twitter is being “managed” like somebody trying to drive a car with a missing tire. Lots of sparks and not getting anywhere.

I have been using various models of the aluminum case (“unibody”) MacBook Pro as my sole work computer since they first came out over a decade ago.