I’m trying to write a new app using SwiftUI and running up against edge cases. I need to relearn and adjust my mental models.

It’s definitely spring here in New England, trees are starting to release significant amounts of pollen.

Everything is more complicated than it needs to be, I am trying to bring more simplification into my life.

Still have not resolved the share extension problem, perhaps because I spent the evening in the basement mopping up the results of a water heater leak.

Trying to figure out why some iOS share extensions are not working. In particular Sunlit is not posting photos from the share sheet in Camera or Photos.

Spring is almost here, and finally mass vaccination, but the virus is still with us at a much higher rate than last summer. We need to continue to take precautions until that rate falls to near zero.

For some reason the Reeder app on all of my devices suddenly stopped fetching data from Feedly, so for the moment I am reading the feeds in a web browser and shopping for a replacement app.