Season 1 Finales 📺

I didn’t expect the first season of Raised by Wolves to end well for the characters, but I was not happy with the jarring plot twists of the finale; the series’ careful pace was discarded for a bewildering sequence of unexplained changes and events. Few of the mysteries were resolved and several new ones were added in a seemingly random fashion. I’m not sure I want to continue down this road again after what happened to Lost.

Contrast this with Ted Lasso, where the character arcs were properly curved, the final episode was built on what had come before rather than abandoning logic and reason, and I felt a sense of closure rather than confusion. It achieved both a satisfying end point for the first season and a clear setup for next year.

I also just finished re-watching season 1 of The Mandalorian, and it has the best concluding episode of the lot by far, with all the spectacle and surprises of Wolves combined with the meaningful character arcs of Lasso. I am definitely watching season 2 when it is released in a few short weeks.