Secret Wassail Recipe


  • 6 Oranges (cut in half)
  • 1 Box of White Raisins
  • 1 Box of Cinnamon Sticks
  • 12 oz Silvered almonds
  • 6 liters cheap Red jug wine
  • 4 liters cheap White jug wine
  • 2 liters cheap White Rum
  • 2 liters cheap Dark Rum
  • 5 oz Falernum (A.V. Stansfeld Babados, BWI distributed by Sazerac Co Inc New Orleans, LA 70121)
  • 1 box cubed sugar tablets (must be tablets not cubes)
  • 4 oz 151 Rum


To the oranges, add 2 liters of red wine, 2 cups of raisins, 4 sticks cinnamon, 12 oz slivered almonds.
Simmer for 45 min (at least), take out the oranges and throw away. Do not squeeze them otherwise the mixture will be too acidic.

At the same time:
Warm up in the wassail bowl and the remain 4 liters of red wine, and 4 liters of white wine.

SET UP THE SUGAR TABLETS ON THE WIRE RACK. (Keep them in a solid block…if they are too spread out they will melt too quickly)

At the appointed wassail time:
Add 5 oz of falernum to the wassail bowl.

Bring out hot wassail bowl, add zest, add hot rum from cooktop.

Pour 1/2 cup 151 rum and put over sugar stack after mounting it to the bowl.

Ignite and keep ladling wassail over sugar until it has all carmelized into the wassail.