What am I doing?

Today marks my second anniversary on Micro.blog.

2020: 219 posts, 38 pizzas, 8 books
2021: 459 posts, 28 pizzas, 8 books

Last year I decided to post at least once each day, and actually managed to achieve that goal, even if some days have only a random photo or single emoji as the post. Most days get a micro post of a sentence or two, but every once in a while I will put up something a bit longer, such as a mini book review or several photos.

I started posting here in order to escape Facebook, with mixed success; I deleted my Facebook account, and have created a new social graph here with my fellow Micro.bloggers, but I have not yet found a way to connect to those who are trapped in the belly of the Borg. I continue to use Twitter to follow a carefully curated list of news and opinion accounts, but I felt that my posts on Twitter are simply lost in the flood, and if nobody is going to read them then there’s no reason not to post where I want. And Micro.blog does offer a lot of features I think are important: custom styles, an RSS feed, an open API, and the ability to export my content and move it (along with my silly custom domain) to another server.

For the coming year I’m not going to try and increase my posting frequency, but I do want to write more of the occasional longer pieces. They don’t have to be full essays, something along the lines of the book reviews, a paragraph or two instead of the sentence or two of the micro posts.

Also I need to make pizza more often.